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Welcome to the new site for the TEU Leather Family.

You wont find much here at the moment, sorry, bear with us.

With the laws in the UK as they stand photo's with things like gags etc are banned so most
of our archive is unusable (oops).

The level of play is legal, just not pictures of it! So we are still playing at that level.

The new site will develop into a more information based site, rather than the large picture collection it once was.

The family has evolved over many years and during September 2015 was completely restarted allowing people to feel free to walk away from us
(and several took that opportunity).

So now a new version will rise, but going back to how it was at first - a group of friends having fun.

So more to come, but as ever no idea of when.

Of course, we still have FetishBound running - click here for the website.

Thanks for visiting us and hope to see you soon

Tie Em Up