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The Vaults:

Gallery One    In The Beginning...

The Galleries - Vault

So these are the original, very first Galleries, well most of them. Some are no longer appropriate or people involved are no longer happy for them to appear, as is their right.

Enjoy this blast from the past!

While it is themed on bondage, don't expect porn! Think more the old style TV Shows where the bad guys tied the good guys up. Having said that we still think that its for people over 18 (or whatever the age limit is in your country).

Equally, these are provided for your enjoyment, not as a guide to actually doing this yourself. Anything you choose to do, you do so at your own risk - Don't try this at home!

The Vaults are very interesting to me - they show how I have developed as a top in the early days to being a 'master' to some now and then to be moving away from that - but they don't tell the whole story... naturally! Going by the emails I get they seem to have been the starting point for others on this scene too.

If you are featured in the galleries and would like them removed please email me and I will remove them as soon as possible.. Those removed will be missing, just so people know why numbers jump from time to time.

We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane... Click below to jump to sections or just follow through the Galleries (let us know if any don't work!!)


The Early Days

The Decent

Getting More Kit

The Centenary and Beyond

Into 2006

The years 2007-2009


Then comes that fateful day in January 2003 when we went to the Fetish Shops for the first time to buy toys. The decent to the "Dark Side" started ;-). It was also our first visit to The Hoist (now closed) and SM Gays.

Gallery Thirty One - Our First Sleepsack

Gallery Thirty Two - The Biker is Back

Gallery Thirty Three - Soldier Posting

Gallery Thirty Four - Leather Hogtie

Gallery Thirty Five - Wet Suit Part One

Gallery Thirty Six - Wet Suit Part Two

Gallery Thirty Seven - Arrested by Military Police

Gallery Thirty Eight -Bunk Up

Gallery Thirty Nine - How to Wear a Straitjacket

Gallery Forty - Nasty Metal Hogtie

Gallery Forty One - Stormy Weather

Gallery Forty Two - Kidnapped in DPM

Gallery Forty Three - Mechanic Wrapped

Gallery Forty Four - Chain Jacket

Gallery Forty Five - Green Jacket and Hood

Gallery Forty Six - DPM Hogtie

Gallery Forty Seven - Up Against the Wall

Gallery Forty Eight - Suspended Sleepsack

Gallery Forty Nine - Security Guard Chained

Gallery Fifty - Vac Rack

Gallery Fifty One - I Want My Mummy

Gallery Fifty Two - A Young Sailor

Gallery Fifty Three - Soccer Player (1)

Gallery Fifty Four - Sorry, Closed

Gallery Fifty Five - B2B Smart Soldiers

Gallery Fifty Six - Meet Wazza

Gallery Fifty Seven - Soccer Player (2)

Gallery Fifty Eight - New Recruit

Gallery Fifty Nine - Kidnapped

Gallery Sixty - Sorry, Closed

Gallery Sixty One - Soccer Player (3)

Gallery Sixty Two - The Brylcream Boys

Gallery Sixty Three - Shore Leave

Gallery Sixty Four - The Brylcream Boys (2)

Gallery Sixty Five - Shore Leave (2)

Gallery Sixty Six - Shore Leave (3)

Gallery Sixty Seven - Hello Ishy

Gallery Sixty Eight - The Brylcream Boys (3)