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Welcome to Tie 'em up the Website

Welcome back to the Tieemup Website. This is where we started the public face of the brand way back in December 2002.

For us the fetish has always been about power and bondage. A naked man just isnt enough, compared to a soldier, sailor, policeman, cyclist, sportsman and later the fetish uniforms of leather, rubber and skinhead

So yes, uniforms - military, civilian or social all work for us and will feature in the website galleries. The vaults will feature many of the old galleries from the vary beginning. However some were "guest" galleries and others are not really appropriate. A few have been pulled by the guys featured in them.

No matter what it looks like, we only ever play Safe Sane and Consentual - and of course, over 18 as a miminum.

Within the Tieemup name there is now a secret facebook group, a podcast (from time to time) the club night "FetishBound" and other projects we get involved in from time to time.

You can find the Tieemup name or FetishBound on Recon, twitter and facebook.